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Imagine if everything you've been told about weight loss was wrong

About Us

Who are we?

Epiphany Medical Weight Loss is the brainchild of Dr Lucy Burns, a medical doctor based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. After many years of  yo-yo dieting, she has researched and designed a program that has lead her to significant and sustained weight loss. She is keen to share her weight loss secrets with you! 

Where are we?

Epiphany Medical Weight Loss is based at a General Practice called Medical Centre, 54-56 Cranbourne Rd Frankston Frankston ph 97832445

Medicare Rebates

Dr Lucy Burns is a registered medical doctor. As such you are entitled to medicare rebates. This significantly reduces the cost for your visits to our clinic, making our programs not only high quality but affordable too

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Our Programs

At Epiphany Medical Weight Loss, our programs is based around 3 key nutritional aspects. The first aspect is the ketogenic diet or low-carb healthy fat lifestyle, as it is often known. Secondly we guide you through  the magic of intermittent fasting. The final element in the  triad is improving and diversifying your gut microbiome. .

Low carb keto high fat healthy fat LCHF ketogenic weight loss

Stress management

Studies show that poor sleep, anxiety and stress contribute to weight gain and inhibit weight loss. This the final cornerstone that is often overlooked but is crucial for sustained and permanent weight loss.

Ongoing Support

After completing your program, ongoing support is offered through weekly group sessions. These sessions, run by Dr Lucy Burns are fun, educational and motivating. Not only will you achieve your weight loss goals, the support you receive from the groups will ensure you maintain your weight and health benefit.

Epiphany(n)- a moment of sudden and profound understanding

Revolutionary Weight Loss Programs

At Epiphany Medical Weight Loss, we have developed cutting edge programs based on current evidence based medicine. Our programs are designed especially for insulin resistance seen in conditions like diabetes, pre-diabetes, and PCOS. 

Weight loss is not as simple as calories in-calories out. If it was, this journey wouldn't be so hard. Current research however shines a new light on the problem and turns everything you thought you knew about weight loss on its head. 

Wholistic Medical Care

Weight Loss is more than numbers on the scale. Dr Lucy Burns is able to look at all facets of your life that may be holding you back from achieving your goals and optimising your health. As a medical practitioner , she understands all aspects of complex medical conditions and will able to monitor these as you lose weight. 

Delicious Food

Imagine having delicious food that you previously thought was fattening! At Ephiphany Medical Weight Loss , we have incredible programs that will fast track your weight loss success and show you how you can eat amazing food that will keep you feeling full.  No longer will you be eating rice cakes and diet yoghurt. 

Online Consultations Now Available

weighloss online

You access Epiphany Medical Weight Loss on-line from the comfort of your own home.  You will  have personalised consultations with Dr Lucy Burns via telehealth. She will give you personalised plan, order any necessary pathology tests and lease with your own GP if required. These consultations are only available to Australian residents. There are no Medicare rebates  for online consultations . 

Epiphany Medical Weight Loss Blog

Now that we are up and running, our blog will be more active. Check it out for low carb tips, stories and help with  wholistic health journey

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